About Phaff

The company was founded in 1991 by its current owner Victor Phaff. The focus is (almost) exclusively in the agrifood sector. Phaff has extensive knowledge of the Dutch agricultural and food sector and has built up an interesting network.
Incoming trade missions can count on a partner who can give good advice and is well aware of the agricultural and cultural sensitive issues.

Major accounts

A number of big organizations Phaff has carried activities out for are:
– Ministry of Economic Affairs;
– Susta, Southern U.S. Trade Association (Export Promotion 15 Southern States);
– RVO;
– CBI, Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries;
– American Sweet Potato Marketing Institute
– ACOA, Canada

In addition to export promotion for organizations and authorities, Phaff also launches campaigns for private companies. The successful introduction of frozen guacamole from Mexico (Simplot) and OSO Sweet Onions from Chile, Peru and Texas (Saving int.) are good examples. Phaff Export Marketing knows in practice what is required to import and export.

Potato Markets

Victor Phaff has also been elected as secretary of the NEPG (North-Western European Potato Growers). The NEPG exchange market information between the five major potato producing countries in Northwest Europe.


Until 2009 most activities were concentrated in countries within the European Union. Since then the activities have increasingly shifted to countries outside the EU. Recently successful missions have been organized to and exhibitions carried out in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, North Africa, India, China and South Korea.

Finally Phaff carries out market research, quick scans, product promotion and product introductions for a wide variety of businesses. Phaff predominantly finds its clients within the EU, but it also has regular clients in Canada and the USA, both government and private organizations.