Entry strategy & advice

What we can do for you

You have made a big decision, you are going to export your product, but where to start?

We can help you out with a great entry strategy! The most important challenge before exporting your product is to decide on which market you are starting in. For more experienced businesses, the challenge is to decide on which new market you are going to expand to. You are probably searching for a market that has a good fit with your product to make this a profitable strategic next step.

How our entry strategy works

Phaff is experienced in assisting companies that are planning to export their product with an entry strategy plan.

This entry strategy consists of:

  • Quick Scan or market research
  • Selection target country & market
  • Latest trends
  • Ingredient and labelling check
  • Packaging advice
  • General advice and suggestions for the next steps

To get a quick overview of a target market we offer to make a quickscan. With the information from such a quickscan you can rapidly decide if this market is suitable for you. This quickscan is focused on one of your products for one market.

When you want to know more about a specific market then a quickscan can provide, you may be interested in our extensive in-depth market research. This will involve comparing several products in several markets so you can make a well-informed decision.

Subsequently we make an analysis to see if your product complies with all the latest regulations for ingredients, labelling and packaging. Of course we will also provide you with suggestions and advice based on the research on how to proceed with your export plans!

What makes us special?

Because our staff is always following the latest trends and visits many seminars and fairs in the sector, we are always well informed about the current status of products in the market. Wherever we go, we don’t go without checking on the supermarkets in the region to see what is available and observe the local consumer behavior.

Most importantly, we have a broad network of product experts in many different markets to keep us informed about specific actual information.

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