What we can do for you

At Phaff we think it is important that you find the right export market and buyer for your product. We have worked hard to make our matchmaking into one of the most desired and successful services for many years. Especially when combined with a trade mission, the results are often fruitful.

Based on your company strategy, experience and special desires, our matchmaking team will set you up with contacts in the right markets. We will set up meetings with pre-qualified buyers, importers and other relevant contacts. For these events we will take care of all the logistic arrangements to make sure meeting your prospects is as easy as possible. Furthermore, we will make sure you are fully aware of the current market situation, before you enter the market.

We offer our matchmaking services for both governmental and private organizations.

How does matchmaking work?

Matchmaking is an ideal activity to get acquainted with the local buyers in a short period of time. Our process starts with an extensive intake to learn all about your business and export desires. We will look into your strategy, your experience and the type of contacts your company wants to be matched with. Thus, we not only set you up with a proper match, but also prepare you as best we can!

  • Extensive intake (strategy, experience and contact desires)
  • Contacts longlists
  • Matchmaking (informing and connection both parties)
  • Market insights / knowledge transfer
  • Daily debriefing and next-day preparation

What makes us special?

The success rate of our matchmaking is relatively high because of our extensive network within the food and agricultural industry. We carefully select and pre-qualify your match and provide extensive guidance during this process. All our staff members are highly knowledgeable and experienced within the food & agriculture sector. We will not hesitate to advise you as best we can about your export marketing strategy.

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