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Are you ready for the next step? Introducing your product into a mature market like Europe is not an easy task. Therefore, Phaff Export Marketing organizes product demonstrations to let the crowd experience your product first-hand! These product demonstrations are often initiated by a group of companies with compatible products that strengthen each other. If desired, it is also possible to do a product demonstration as an independent company.

About the product demonstrations

These product demonstrations or ‘tastings’ are organized in a venue complete with a professional chef and open kitchen. Here, the dishes of your product are prepared in front of the audience, with the opportunity to taste the dishes immediately.

During these events we invite:

  • Buyers
  • Chefs
  • Journalists (online and offline)
  • Bloggers and vloggers

Oftentimes, the guests will be actively involved in the product demonstrations, as we invite them to make the dish the chef prepared to experience the products first hand (and learn how to best prepare these). During these events, your presence is really important because you are the storyteller and expert of your product!

As always our staff is available at all times for questions and support. At the end of the event, the guests go home inspired, with a goodie bag with all the necessary information and a small gift.

In the following days and weeks after the event, we will monitor and analyse the responses, articles and social media presence of your product. During this time we also available for any questions of the guests. These events are your first real steps into the public, and ideally, the buzz around your product will follow in the markets.

What makes us special?

The Phaff team is highly experienced in organizing tasting events. Furthermore, we have a really strong network of food professionals which we use to create that extra buzz around your product. Our network in foodservice is really expansive and our guests always score our tasting events really high!

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