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Trade missions are the perfect opportunity to discover new markets in new countries to add to your export strategy.
Phaff organizes trade missions to successfully introduce food and agricultural products all over the world. Within these missions you will learn all about the new market, get the chance to pitch your product, and expand your network with valuable new contacts.

How do Trade missions work?

At Phaff we organize two types of missions; incoming and outgoing missions. Incoming missions consist of delegations which visit a specific country. With outgoing missions we organize delegations from one country to visit another country. Both types of missions are group activities.

Usual trade missions consist of about fifteen participating companies. The level of exporting experience varies from fresh businesses to veterans of the trade. We highly value this combination of mixed experience, as it provides a fruitful networking environment for participants to learn from each other or even start collaborations.

Trade missions consist of the following elements:

  • Kick-off meeting at the evening of arrival
  • Store checks on the first day
  • A matchmaking session
  • Network reception
  • Company visits (optional)
  • Visit a tradeshow (optional)

The goal of trade missions

Each trade mission starts with a kick-off meeting to inform you about the challenges, opportunities and logistics in these markets. A trade mission is often combined with our matchmaking service. During these matchmaking sessions, you will be matched with specific buyers that suit your profile. Occasionally, trade missions are combined with a trade fair or company visit.

By the end of the week, participants will have gained an informed perspective of the market and interesting new contacts. We make sure that you are ready to take your export strategy a step further for the future. Always keep in mind though, we can assist you to get into the market and meet new contacts, but following up on your contacts afterwards is just as important!

What makes us special?

A trade mission is the perfect opportunity to enter a new market, with the extra benefit of making new contacts among members of the delegation. Phaff is working internationally for more than 25 years and has contacts all over the world. Naturally, each trade mission is supported by a Phaff staff member. We always make sure our staff member is accustomed to the targeted sector, and available for assistance or sector specific questions.

Trade missions are a successful tool to enter a new market!

See our agenda for upcoming trade missions!

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