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With our trade shows, Phaff realizes high-quality country pavilions with a tailor made turnkey presentation, including a collective lounge and all the necessary combined services to make this a comfortable experience for you and your potential customers.

Despite of the online world dominating the export business, trade shows are still an important meeting place for purchasers and exporters. On these international trade shows Phaff realizes country pavilions where participating companies are set up to collectively present their products to the foreign market.

What do our trade shows look like?

Built on the idea that an organized group of exhibitors is easier to find than stand-alone booths scattered throughout a show, our country pavilions will always attract a crowd. Don’t you prefer a prime position that stands out in the crowd? A high quality design-stand, with professional amenities, staff, and extra publicity? As such, our country pavilions are a popular choice for trade show visitors, purchasers or delegations.

By choosing for a collective participation, companies can enjoy many organizational and economic benefits before, during and after the exhibition. Benefits such as lower participation fees, less man-hours, collective support, translators and more. Based on our strong acquisition strategy we attract a wide variety of companies. From new and innovative companies to well-known stable organizations. With our collective pavilion, you will have a strong presence at any trade show.

What makes us special?

At Phaff Export Marketing, we can look at back at 30 years of successful trade shows. We have surely had our part in the introduction of many new food and agriculture products in foreign markets. During our existence, we have organized more than 250 country pavilions in over 20 different countries.

We have good contacts with many fair organizations, and are widely known as a reliable partner (with the benefits that come with this). Our team is highly experienced and we know exactly what is needed to make these a success. Of course, we will take care of all the administration, organization, logistics and will provide support before, during and after the trade show.

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